Film Actor & On-Camera Psychological Expert

Film Actor & On-Camera Psychological ExpertFilm Actor & On-Camera Psychological Expert


Stefanie  has been on a fast-track since age 8, when she began Olympic training  as a pitcher for girls' fast-pitch softball. As a child, Stefanie was  placed in gifted classes and qualified as a member of MENSA. In high  school, she skipped two grades and graduated at the age of 16. While in  her teens and early twenties, she modeled. She also holds the state title for various beauty pageants.

Stefanie received her Master's and Ph.D. in Psychology. By the age of 26,  Stefanie published her 1st book entitled, "She". Stefanie has worked professionally on undercover private investigations, as a softball coach, as a spokesperson for various organizations, and as a psychotherapist. Currently, Stefanie is the President of a national Personal Life & Business Coaching firm and the Founder of Beloved Rebel Media.

"Stefanie's creativity, intuition, and passion for the craft, make for a formidable  combination. She is authentic, versatile, and her acting has layers" (Chusy Haney-Jardine, Sundance-Award-Winning Director).

Stefanie has played opposite Liam Neeson in Taken 3,  played opposite Michelle Dockery in the TNT series "Good Behavior", and  has starred as a lead host on a talk show comprised of 4 doctors.  Stefanie's start was as the central character in the short film GRETA,  directed by the Sundance-award-winning director, Chusy Jardine (ANYWHERE  USA). Her work in GRETA was followed by a supporting role opposite Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead) in The Dark Tourist, starring Melanie Griffith. Stefanie brought her professional experience as a life coach to her role in Gigante, starring San Francisco Giants center-fielder Andres Torres.