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Some Mistakes Are Great Kissers: A Dating Memoir


Stefanie Kleine seemingly has it all... a highly successful career, an excessive number of degrees, loving parents, devoted friends, and great legs. The only thing she has not been able to accomplish is finding the right person to share her life with. In this no-holds-barred memoir, Stefanie takes us on her brutally honest, hilarious, heartbreaking, and at-times utterly bizarre quest to find true love.

Some Mistakes Are Great Kissers is the story of a modern woman who has bravely refused to settle.  Stefanie is raw, relatable, unapologetic, and utterly hysterical as she recounts her experiences in the dating world. From freezing her eggs to flying home in the middle of the night in a sexy cat costume to calling an ambulance for an emergency sex injury, Stefanie shares the inspiring tale of how she has boldly stared her pain and insecurities in the eye, and somehow managed to summon the strength to forge ahead. 

For anyone deep in the trenches of dating, this book serves as a reminder to search for the lesson in every relationship and find the humor in a life that doesn’t always go as planned. 


SHE: Poetry & Free Verse

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A fresh debut by a precocious new voice, She is a collection of intimate verse that covers the full spectrum of the emotional landscape. Whether pondering love, contemplating the meaning of life, or bubbling with sexual exuberance, She reflects our eternal yearning to thrive in an illusive world. In poems marked by striking images and a sophisticated voice, Stefanie examines the self with a brave and raw vulnerability that speaks not only to the poet, but to us all.